Amigurumi White Bird (wing pattern) free crochet pattern here

Finished Project: Fat Birdie!

Simple Crochet and Crafts: Sweet Little Bird (Crochet Pattern)

DIY Crochet Bird: Party ideas for little girl’s birthday party & DIY craft projects

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Beautiful Crochet Patterns

Includes a tutorial Part 1 :: the Flat Circle. This is how you make the main body of the Birdie. Part 2 :: the Birdie Decoration. This is how you make all the other bits needed for this cute little crochet bird.

Crochet Amazing Bird Amigurumi Free Pattern

Amazing Crochet Bird Amigurumi Free Patterns

Cute Free Crochet Patterns - Pinterest Top Pins

Cute Free Crochet Patterns Pinterest Top Pins

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Blue Tit amigurumi pattern by MieksCreaties

Ravelry: AGAPORNI AMIGURUMI pattern by Canal Crochet (Yolanda)

CANAL CROCHET: Agaporni o inseparable amigurumi tutorial - Free Lovebird crochet pattern in Spanish with English and French abbreviation translations.

Рукоделие -крючком поделки

Рукоделие -крючком поделки

from a russian site. wonder if I can find the original for this pattern. (maybe could reverse engineer with patience and time--but why re-invent the wheel if I don't have to?