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I'm awkward. and if I can find someone just as awkward. then we can combine our awkardness into awkward love.

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The argument iver who gets the legal custody over the kid that one adopted but both think are biologically theirs.

snuffysbox: “tries my hand @ that whole ‘draw your OTP’ shenanigans if by any chance someone actually decides to use these as a base for something, please credit and tag me~ ” | snuffybox on tumblr

August chattered away, his hands forming all his words as he sat in Icarus' lap. Icarus watched Benedict walk in and gave him a heavy glare, squeezing August tighter. The boy didn't notice, however, and kept on signing.

Am I the only one who thought of Jon Cozart and Thomas Sanders when I draw this? Vine vs. YouTube anyone?

Am I the only one who thought of Jon Cozart and Thomas Sanders?

Foxie Couple... By Artist Dark Tara...

Alpha and beta of the broncohno soak are very strong and magical wolves that live by strict but caring rules and accommodations but if any step out of the rules there will be severe consequences. Their names are for Alpha gravior and bettas is catronoa.