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Research these topics to deprogram yourself and find out the harsh truths. Some interesting stuff in here!

Fluoride.... all this stuff that Is now linked to Alzheimer's....dmd if you do, dmd if you don't......

Health Tips Important Fluoride Fact ! Connection of fluoride to aluminum in anti perspirants to breast cancer and alzheimers.

Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True [Infographic]

Conspiracy theories that turned out to be true: Heart Attack Gun, Operation Mockingbird, Poisoned Alcohol, Vaccines, Gay Bombs

Another 10 Conspiracy Theories

Another 10 Conspiracy Theories

Strange Facts, Crazy Facts, Weird Facts, Random Facts, Fun Facts, Interesting Facts, Conspiracy Theories Government, Illuminati Conspiracy, Revolution

11 Conspiracy Theory Documentaries That Will Blow Your Mind

11 Insane Conspiracy Theory Documentaries

What if I told you they don't teach you your rights in school because it's easier to take them away if you don't even know what they are. (Humans have natural rights. They are not a gift from government!)

NO political indoctrination and NO political propaganda in public schools-ever! Just the facts, teachers!

INFOWARS.COM BECAUSE THERE'S A WAR ON FOR YOUR MIND. They were killed and it was blamed on some crazy guy and not the truth that it was a government conspiracy.

Top 10 Most Remarkable Coincidences in History

Everyone would agree, Abraham Lincoln was a pretty amazing dude. I love these fact, even cooler, Lincoln & JFK have weird similarities. It's eerily fascinating.

Google+ ~ Fluoride is found to be prevalent in the air and water after Chemtrail rains (White-Sky Rainstorms).  I suspect they're adding Roundup pesticide to Chemtrails mixture, from the odor.  Depleted Uranium [DU] added to Chemtrails sometimes causes them to appear brownish in color. DU causes illness, death, and deformities of flora & fauna 1000's of years into the future.

Prophecy- Starseed Bobs Perspective on Earth Changes and Our New Society: Fluoride Poisoning and Fluorosidic Acid , Fluoride Dangers,Fluoride Kills- Pineal Gland Calcification

Mysterious Deaths of 9/11 Eye Witnesses - Proof that 9/11 was an "Inside Job"

May 2014 Beverly Eckert - Husband Killed - Advocate for Families of Barry Jennings - Eye Witness of

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Fake News, Lügenpresse: When CNN uses the same Girl in 3 different Refugee Crisis Pictures being saved by 3 different men