The Composition Hierarchy

The Composition Hierarchy

The Composition Hierarchy (One other rule I try to live by is to preserve some white space of the paper, canvas, fabric, whatever, even if only a tiny area.

Landscape Painting for Beginners: Free downloadable guide with tips on composition, painting trees, and city-scape painting via ArtistsNetwork (accessed Sept. 2014)

Free Must-Try Guide to Landscape Painting for Beginners

Learn how to paint trees and landscapes perfectly every time with this fantastic guide. This is the hands-on landscape painting tutorial you& wanted.

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Many years ago I bought the classic book "Rendering In Pen and Ink" by Arthur Guptill. Like most of the art books I buy, it seemed importa.

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This little practice of thumbnail drawings are the secret to great ideas and in turn great art.

Wayne Thiebaud Candy Compositions Concepts: Composition, Acrylic Painting, Color Theory - created via

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