Stackable, nesting bookcases.  Makes for an easy move down stairs.

Stackable, nesting bookcase: Where were you for my last three moves?


Cube 6 is a brilliant invention of designer Naho Matsuno. It allows us to solve the most common small space related problem – guest seating. This compact item, which in its folded state can serve as a stool or a side-table, unravels to reveal six stools.

Compact furniture means that this small balcony from Marie Claire Maison still has plenty of seating.

Perfectly Petite Patios, Balconies & Porches: The Most Inspiring Seriously Small Outdoor Spaces

Cabinet with built-in chair and desk

Transforming cabinet with hidden table and chairs from Claudio Sibille

Tiny Furniture Ideas For Your Small Apartment | Domino

31 Tiny Apartment Finds That Are Basically Genius

Decorating a tiny apartment can be seriously challenging. We& taken the stress out of decorating your small space! Check out these furniture ideas that are basically genius. For more tiny space hacks and interior inspiration, head to Domino.

Smart and compact!!

Would be an awesome game table for a basement! Compact table for a small kitchen. Functional idea, with variations of course. I wonder if they make it in an outdoor version.


Though it's made of wood,this table still looks modern and suitable for compact dining rooms.

The Best Compact Furniture Designs For Tiny Apartments

The Best Compact Furniture Designs For Tiny Apartments

When living in a tiny house or any other sort of small space multifunctional furniture can really help make it all that more better. It doesn’t matter whether you’re living in a tiny sp…