Art Ed Central loves :Hand Coil Pot- Claire Woolard ClayWorks. What a great way to intricate a hand in the art piece.

Pottery constructed using the coil method

Scrap Clay idea from Alene Sirott-Cope. this wavy/"spirally" vase reminds me of Van Gogh for some reason

Another coil pot | Row's Pottery Shed

Another coil pot

For once I thought I would make a coil pot that shows the coils from the outside. It really helps if you have a tool like this one to make your clay coils. Just slice through a slab of clay with th…

30cm Coil Pot--Ceramics I

In the beginning of the coil pot unit, I was unsure of how to make a coil pot, since the concept was new to me. However, after learning the basics of coiling, I drew a sketch of my pot and began.

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The Simple Beauty of Native American Pottery