Haha... lame jokes. these made me giggle. @Cydney Hines

Animals think they're so funny.

Compilation of some animal puns. Enjoy 15 hilarious jokes on photos of animals that look like laughing.

Two liners! Hilarious.

The 25 Best Two-Line Jokes Ever. #14 Is Priceless.

This had me laughing so hard!!!

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Funny pictures about Moses making tea. Oh, and cool pics about Moses making tea. Also, Moses making tea.

Funny Pictures - Fact | A Collection of Clean Jokes/Humor

Funny pictures about 10 fun facts. Oh, and cool pics about 10 fun facts. Also, 10 fun facts.

The Best One-Liner Jokes Ever... Some of the are wrong, so not funny; but the rest totally make up for it!:

The Best One-Liner Jokes Ever

Funny pictures about The Best One-Liner Jokes Ever. Oh, and cool pics about The Best One-Liner Jokes Ever. Also, The Best One-Liner Jokes Ever photos.

Funny Clean Joke - 18

Enjoy these funny clean jokes and puns. We also have many other funny jokes.

Everyone loves a good joke…and even a bad pun now and then can be enhanced with the help of an adorable animal. These kooky puns and one-liners will leave you in stitches. I’m particularly partial to the “Bad Joke Eel.” Please SHARE these hilarious animal jokes with anyone who needs a laugh today!

These Animal Jokes Are So Bad They’re GOOD…I’m Cracking Up!

OK so buffalo and bison are different. Buffalo are Asian and African. Bison are north american.