FlapJack Educational Resources: ClassDoJo 100 Points Club

FlapJack Educational Resources: ClassDoJo 100 Points Club - Are you using ClassDoJo? Here's an easy, inexpensive way to motivate your students with their little precious monsters. Love our class dojo

Class Dojo Reward Charts (Editable)

Class Dojo Reward Charts (Editable)

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Class Dojo Reward Pack FREEBIE

Included in this FREEBIE: - Class Dojo Rewards Poster - BLANK Class Dojo Rewards Poster so you can add your own choice of rewards - (this is NOT an editable file, if you would like to add your own rewards, just laminate the poster or put it in a clear

Teaming With Tech: Class Dojo Freebie!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

I got an email this from from Class Dojo announcing they've added messenger service which allows you to text parents without giving out your.

Class Dojo Weekly Report

Business and management infographic & data visualisation Class Dojo Weekly Report Infographic Description Class Dojo Weekly Report

Monday Made It! *Class Management Addition* theprekinderlife@blogspot.com

Dojo program is amazing! It is a great way to help students discretly. A sound triggers certain responses.

{Class} Dojo Editable Parent Letter FREEBIE!

I absolutely love ClassDojo. Both my children's teachers use this app and it's amazing. I love being updated throughout the day on how they're doing.

Going Strong in 2nd Grade: Class Dojo Update, Q&A, and a GIVEAWAY!

Dojo store for classrooms that use the Classroom Dojo. Students can trade in their dojo points for prizes in each pocket.