circus elephant tattoo | lady-b:Circus Elephant I started a week or so ago :)mmh, this reminds ...

lady-b: “ Circus Elephant I started a week or so ago :) ” mmh, this reminds me a lot of Poppy Powell’s circus elephant though.

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My little sis loves elephants, I wldnt get this tattoo but I wld draw it it for her she wld love this:) 1212 352 1 Shawntae Kelley Tattoos I want. Michelle Spencer This may be the tattoo I get on my thigh . I love elephants.

They are so wise and beautiful, I'd love an elephant of my own

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An elephant tattoo. If I ever decided to get an elephant tattoo, though, I wouldn't want it to be a circus elephant or a trained elephant; just a wild, Asian elephant surrounded by flowers. I love the style of this drawing, though.