KIDS CHORE CHART -Saturday is payday at our house because there aren’t any chores that earn money on Sunday. When we pay the kids for their chores, we also divide out the money that they have earned as follows: 20% giving {we want them to be generous from the start!}, 40% savings and 40% spending.

Our Chore System & Chore Charts for Kids Printables

Looking for chore charts for kids? Read along and I'll be sharing some free printables for you all to use with your family! We’ve had our new chore chart system in place for about a month now and so far it’s working well for us.

FREE Printable Chore Charts for Kids! Help your kids learn to get their tasks done in a fun and creative way!

FREE Printable Chore Charts for Kids & FREE Responsibility Charts + a HUGE list of Chore Ideas for kids by age, Even 2 & 3 Year Olds can start learning to help, we have a list of ideas for you for Preschoolers, Kids, Teenagers & more!

Chores for kids: how to inspire and motivate your kids to help out with this free chore chart printable!

Chores for kids: get kids helping with my free chore chart!

free printable job chart

Free Printable Chore Charts for Kids

Free Printable Chore Charts for your kids that will help you prepare your kids for track their progress and the responsibility of chores. Looking for a chore charts for your kids?


'Having your child participate in chores around the house and yard will help raise confident, independent children who will have the life skills needed to grow up and take on the world.' What kids learn by doing chores (plus free printable) -

Why your kids should do age appropriate chores. Free printable chore list included! #kids #chores

Why our Kids Should do Age Appropriate Chores

Why our Kids Should do Age Appropriate Chores - Sports Mom Survival Guide (age appropriate chore lists and instant gratification chart link!

Every parent knows how important it is to teach kids to do their chores at home. When kids do their chores, it will make our life much easier. Making a DIY chore chart will be a great way to motivate kids to help around the home and keep their chores organized. This fabulous parenting tip […]

Lovely DIY Chore Charts For Kids

Morning and afternoon task checklist for kids. Free printable download. #overstuffedlife

The One Secret to Finding a Chore System That Really Works

Are you looking for a chore system that works forever? Here's the secret to finding it--the perfect chore system!

Daily chore chart for adults-I doubt I could take two days off if I did this.

6 Cleaning Hacks that Will Keep Your House Spotless

For the Working Mom: Keep your house clean (yes, deep cleaned, even!) with one chore per day, includes a printable list. This is so doable and covers everything! Yes, I'm a "working" mom even if I do stay @ home w/ my kids!