Chinchilla Set-Up by lolie jane, via Flickr

I really like this chinchilla set-up because there are lots of hopping ledges, but there's also a lot of solid running space - also we have the same wheel!

New cages are finished! - Chins & Hedgies Love the way the shelves and hidey houses are arranged!

You'll have a wonderful crop of grass'' in under a week. Cut a difficult parcel of fabric to size. You might locate these free somewhere, or they're just a few dollars to purchase new. Then there's the extra bonus of locating a treat.

DIY | Build a small animal home from an old armoire. Allows for pet supply storage as well - This is a freat idea for a bird or pet rats

Make Your Own DIY Hedgehog Cage

Idea for ferret "DIY Chinchilla Pet Cage; outside view of a chinchilla cage we fashioned from a secondhand armoire.

Cage Accessories - Whimsy's Menagerie & Chinchilla Rescue

Home - Whimsy's Menagerie & Chinchilla Rescue Chinchillas live more like…

How Long do Chinchillas Live

How Long do Ferrets Live ? [Ferret Adopter, Must Read1]

DIY Chinchilla cage (wardrobe) Would be awesome for a ferret

Guinea Pig Hutch - Here are some photos and also video clips of some fantastic guinea pig cages that have actually developed.

The Ferret Nation Club - Page 142 - Chins & Hedgies

My daughter would love this for her Chinchilla! The Ferret Nation Club - Page 142 - Chins & Hedgies

My chinchilla cage IG account: @chinswagger

My chinchilla cage IG account: @chinswagger

Chinchilla Dream Cage

Wooden chinchilla cage- I want to diy this! I love the wooden suspension bridge

awesome for some little critter ill have

Materials also consist of linoleum, carpet, and plenty of toys! Cutting plastic Cutting plastic isn't always an easy task as it can be rather thick and it's frequently brittle.

Cardboard playpen - Chins & Hedgies

DIY Cardboard Playpen For Chinchillas<---I love how I know EXACTLY what this lil guy is thinking in this pic.