Chanel at Couture Spring 2016 - Livingly

Chanel at Couture Spring 2016


Chanel ~ Spring Ivory Tweed Skirt Suit w Fringe Trim 2004 gorgeous pale lavender blouse

Chanel Couture Fashion Show & more Details

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vlada-sasha-natasha: “Chanel Couture 1992 ”

blackmodel: “ savanna: “ vlada-sasha-natasha: “Chanel Couture 1992 ” Sailor Pluto wore this.

Chanel, Spring-Summer 1995, Couture--apparently 1995 is the vintage year I like lol

Chanel, Spring-Summer Couture--apparently 1995 is the vintage year I like… Besuche unseren Shop, wenn es nicht unbedingt Chanel sein muss.

chanel couture instagrams

The Best Instagrams from the Chanel Couture Show

I'm only a year behind in fashion pinning-oh well, I guess I might find some of this Chanel Couture on sale at TJ Max. Chanel Fall 2015 Haute Couture A little Cruella but those nails:-)

Chanel F/W '18.

Chanel F/W '18.