Favorite Cartographers: Erwin Raisz

Erwin Raisz map symbols for representing physical geography, such as vegetation and mountains Mapmaking Map design

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How to draw, shade, and colour a mountain range

When considering the historical path of a river, it's easy to imagine a torrential flood that causes a stream to overflow its banks, or a drought that brings a body of water to a trickle. The reality of a river's history is vastly more complex, as the artery of water gradually changes directions ove

Art Meets Cartography: The History of a River in Oregon Rendered in Data When considering the h

Beautiful examples of cartographic information design are on display at Radical Cartography. Like the sample above, my favorite are the maps designed by Harold Fisk in 1944 for the Army Corps of Engineers, showing the historical traces of the Mississippi River.

Plate Sheet from the Geological Investigation of the Alluvial Valley of the Lower Mississippi River, by Harold Fisk, 1944

Asvirus 39 - 2013 ink on paper mounted to panel 8.75 x 5 x 2.25 in

ARTFINDER: Asvirus 39 by Derek Lerner - 2013 ink on paper mounted to wood panel x 5 x in. Wood panel is a re-purposed/recycled/reused/reclaimed cigar box and ready to hang.