Prayer against Cancer

Prayer Against Cancer

I continue to pray for him every night, strength to continue fighting, peace in his time of need, and most of all.God's healing hands to remove his cancer!

Prayer for Cancer Patients (very personal to  me because I have lost two loved ones to cancer)

I tend to start my new year by thinking of how I can make personal changes, goals and dreams come true in the year ahead. While I will do those things, God has sweetly reminded me to value others a…

Healing Prayer For my friend who went thru surgery today for cancer!

I pray for you and him every night! May God lay his healing hand on him and remove the cancer from his body and allow him to live a life for your kids! In Jesus Name Amen!

Read these powerful prayers for healing and better health.  From cancer to depression, find prayers and read the prayers of others.

Prayers for Healing - Cure The Sick With Prayer. This is a prayer for everyone experiencing great pain. The sick and/or infirmed. Lift them up in prayer that they may find relief from their conditions, whatever they may be. I ask this in JESUS name!

Breast Cancer Awareness

Everything there is to know about breast cancer Breast Cancer Awareness Sign Breast Cancer by DebisWreathsandThing