Calle 13 & Silvio Rodriguez Release "Ojos Color Sol" Video | Billboard

The Puerto Rican urban duo Calle 13 shows a softer side on "Ojos Color Sol," featuring famed Cuban balladeer Silvio Rodriguez.

Calle 13 - MultiViral

Calle 13 - MultiViral

"Si quieres cambio verdadero pues camina distinto." | #Calle13 #EntrenLosQueQuieran #Frases

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Calle 13 Prepares New Album, ‘Multi_Viral’ -

Calle 13 Prepares New Album, ‘Multi_Viral’

Calle 13 Prepares New Album, ‘Multi_Viral’ -

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A1 A2 Canción - Calle 13 - Muerte en Hawaii

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The debut release of Calle 13 in late 2005 offered a refreshing alternative to the mass of reggaeton concurrently overrunning popular Latin music.

Calle 13's 'Multi_Viral' Drops a Day Early | Billboard

Calle new album “Multi_Viral,” which had been announced for March is available now from iTunes and other digital stores.