✨Winner Update!!✨ Nobody got all 7 however the winner who entered 6/7 correctly first is @chelseallee3 ! Congrats!! Please DM me :) The correct florals are: Poppy, Lavender, Pepper berries, Sweet Peas, Rosemary, Baby's Breath and... Tower Mustard! Wildflower bouquet tattoo

Tattoo idea: Flower bouquet that other artists can add too as I want! Wanted: poppies, snapdragons, and fever few, with a bee floating around them.

15 Beautifully Feminine Floral Tattoos

15 Beautifully Feminine Floral Tattoos

A beautiful tattoo can be a real work of artistry, especially if looks anything like these fifteen that we& rounded up below. Inspired by beautiful flowers, these tattoos add a lovely feminine to.

Floral ankle work by Tritoan Ly

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Kirsten Holliday Tattoo Portfolio - tattoos at Wonderland Tattoo in Portland

This tattoo style is GOALSS! The line work is so beautiful and clean. Plus, those types of flowers look amazing, although I'm not sure what they are. Same with the leaves that hang down. I would use this image as your foundation.

Colorful flower bouquet tattoo.

Colorful flower bouquet tattoo.

Floral bouquet by Sol Art

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