Boeing CH-47 Chinooks carrying military vehicles.

Active Military Helicopters

Boeing CH-47F Chinooks on the flight line.

Boeing Chinooks on the flight line.-few things are more beautiful

Boeing Helicopters CH-47 Chinook ZH900 RAF

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NUMBER 5. BOEING CH-47 CHINOOK is a twin-engine, tandem rotor heavy-lift helicopter. Its primary roles are troop movement, artillery placement and battlefield resupply. It has a wide loading ramp at the rear of the fuselage and three external-cargo hooks. With a top speed of 170 knots (196 mph, 315 km/h) the helicopter is faster than contemporary 1960s utility and attack helicopters. The CH-47 is among the heaviest lifting Western helicopters. Its name is from the Native American Chinook…

Number BELL SIOUX was a two-bladed, single engine, light helicopter built by Bell Helicopter. Westland Aircraft manufactured the Sioux under license for the British military as the Sioux and HT. In the United States Air Force o.

Aviones Caza y de Ataque: CH-47 Chinook        Armamento hasta 3 pivotes montados de armas medianas máquina (1 en la rampa de carga y 2 en las ventanas de los hombros), generalmente de 7,62 mm (0,308 pulgadas) M240 / FN MAG ametralladoras

Boeing's Chinook has provided support for the U. Army and international defense forces for decades, receiving multiple upgrades and variations over the years.