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“ poptartpunches: “ “ zappho: “ *furiously chanting* NEW MOM NEW MOM NEW MOM NEW MOM NEW MOM ” Because this is totally how Pearl and Garnet act -_- ” Because the artist totally gave a shit about what you wanted when she drew this.


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stevenuniverse, bismuth

I'm not putting the crystal gems down but I did really appreciate that someone who knew rose but was unbiased could tell Steven that he doesn't have to be her, he can be himself and even someone better than she was.

pearl x bismuth - Google zoeken

zircontulip: “More Bismuth! Ya know i was sitting there yesterday (at like 3 a.m lmao) thinking about how Bismuth can´t be that hard to draw, it´s just that i am shit at drawing diverse characters. So I did some study’s this morning and produced.

"2015 secret crew holiday card - Merry Bismuth!"

"2015 secret crew holiday card - Merry Bismuth!"