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Heaven and Hell What it is: Partygoers dress in either white or red, depending on whether they’ve decided to represent heaven, or hell, respectively. Angel wings and devil horns are often worn. The basement is often decorated with firey.

Once upon a time, when people spent $75 on a plastic, cheap-looking Halloween costume from Party City, matching costumes were considered corny, nerdy, and eyeroll worthy. Now, in the year 2016, when people spend a lot of time creating their own costume and even more time searching for them on Pinterest, matching costumes are considered cute, fun, and often really creative. This is true for both couples and costumes and best friend costumes.

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Gather a group of friends — the more the merrier — and have everyone choose their favorite candy color. Purchase white gloves, solid-colored tutus and suspenders and striped knee-high socks (available (Diy Costume Ideas)