Grand Ridge Stud, Manna Park Arabians, Arabian Horse Studs, Gippsland Victoria, Australia

Midnight Shadow (Shadowy Night x Jantasen Bandelite) 1996 bay stallion - breeder unknown

Lovely Wild Mammals from $41.99 | #WildlifePhotography #AnimalPictures

Bay horse ( brown horse with black point on its body ie mane,tail, bottom of there legs knees and hocks to hooves,) can also be a light brown to a dark brown in colour as long as they have the black points

American Pharaoh is one Sexy horse. Jan 2017.

Carob is going to be staying at a racing barn for a while, where he’s preparing for his first race. I’m going to have a few jockeys test him.

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Morgan Stallion, Nantucket Sound of ALB Morgans. Photo by Stunning Steeds

"Pamela, a 5 yo energic mare. She is curious of everything and scared of nothing"

"Pamela, a 5 yo energic mare. She is curious of everything and scared of nothing" Sounds like my mares colt.another word would be gregarious!

Bay Horse Colours by EdithSparrow on deviantART

I did a smaller one a few years ago and people said they where really helpful. What it is a a sorta colour chart if your struggering for colours you can steal these or find colours simlar to them _.

Bay horses

Bay horses, that muscle.

Well hello handsome! Gosh this bay horse is adorable! @SMRequestrian

Josh a thoroughbred that we rescued recently he is a good starter pony and would be good for Kyrie Wong