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* * " Me thinks meez alreadys discovered de meanin' of life - yoo justs hangs around tillz yoo getz used to it.

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These 28 Cute Baby Animals Will Melt Your Heart

Mini donkey foal ~ isn't it cute? My father in law has miniature donkeys and they are one of the sweetest animals I've ever had the honor of be-friending!

Chapel Hill Mini Donkeys. A 10 on the adorable meter.

Buckshot, a beautiful spotted baby miniature donkey from Chapel Hill Farm Mini Donkeys! I can barely stand the cuteness.

Love this photo!

gorgeous CM Billie Jo Spears with her foal CC Bobbette. Clovercrest Miniature Donkey Stud too cute… Mais

baby miniature donkey - Bing Images

baby miniature donkey- i had a baby mini donkey born today that looks exactly like this. I need suggestions on names for my baby donkey.

Cool Poses Thread (2nd continuing thread - active) - Page 7

A Momma (jennet or jenny) Donkey Cuddles up to her Foal:: D awww.