The BEST sweet potato recipe ever.  For low carb, use Splenda brown sugar.  You can eat this for dessert! Caribbean Recipes - Cinnamon Yam Mash from Bahama Breeze

purple puree: Easiest Ways to Get Spinach & Blueberries into Your Diet - Make Sneaky Chef Purple Puree & Add it to:

Recipes from Chef Rick Bayless: Recipes - Rick Bayless | Frontera

Recipes from Chef Rick Bayless - Tacos, Enchiladas, Tamales, & Tostadas

To take a look at the entire mapped out adventure on Google Maps, <a…

Your Tastebuds Will Go Crazy For This Amazing Taco Trail In New York

This quick two-hour scenic drive through the Empire State is mapped out and ready for you to explore for yourself! Check out this taco trail in New York!

Las Paisas @ Azteca Mexican Grill

Azteca Mexican Grill

11. Azteca's Mexican Grill - Duluth

11 Restaurants in Minnesota to Get Mexican Food That Will Spice Up Your Life

11. Azteca's Mexican Grill - Duluth

Sopa Azteca - Chicken Tortilla Soup

Sopa Azteca - I use two chiles, salsa style diced fire roasted tomatoes, and homemade chicken broth. It's best topped with avocado and cilantro - rarely use the tortilla chips.

Chimi-Cheesecake a.k.a Heaven @ Azteca Mexican Grill

Azteca Mexican Grill

Chimi-Cheesecake a.a Heaven @ Azteca Mexican Grill

The weekend cook: Thomasina Miers’ recipes for sopa Azteca, and grilled mackerel with tahini sauce | Life and style | The Guardian

Sopa Azteca This fantastic soup owes much of its deep flavour to dry-roasting the tomatoes and to the wonderfully smoky flavour of the chipotle chilli

Chicken & Shrimp Fajitas @ Azteca Mexican Grill

Azteca Mexican Grill

Horchata, the History Plus Spanish & Mexican Recipes | Multi Cultural Cooking Network

Horchata, the History Plus Spanish & Mexican Recipes

Horchata (Cinnamon Rice Milk) also known as rice water. It is so yummy they sell it at most mexican resturants so easy to make!

Authentic Mexican Street Corn on the cob covered in creamy mayo and topped with cilantro, lime juice, Cotija cheese and chili powder is the perfect Mexican summer side dish!

Authentic Mexican Street Corn

The recipes utilize several seasonings combined in such a manner that produce a really delightful taste.