Auguste Rodin

Rodin dessinateur

auguste rodin. eternal idol.    this sculpture invokes so much in me.

Eternal Idol by Auguste Rodin, musée Rodin, Paris, France. My favorite Rodin, I absolutely love this sculpture!

Auguste Rodin

Auguste RODIN : Cambodian dancers VIII, 1906 : 50 x 40 cm. Reproduction in Fine Art print on a heavyweight Art vellum ragpaper of Ingres

L'aquoiboniste: Embrace me

Auguste Rodin "True artists are almost the only men who do their work for pleasure.

Love artworks: The Kiss (1888-89) by Auguste Rodin

Valentine's Day: the best artworks about love – in pictures

Love artworks: The Kiss (1888-89) by Auguste Rodin

Rodin's 'Celle qui fut la belle heaulmière' - I find it so moving. Read more here:

The Courtesan by Rodin (otherwise known as "She Who Once Was the Helmet Maker's Beautiful Wife." As Rodin said of his model, "If there is anything more beautiful than a beautiful thing, it is its ruin.