20 Things You'll Only See In Arizona | 104.7 KISS FM [lots of places also have 'misters' as you come in the door. but it's always so hot the mist is warm. still, very needed. hot, dry place. jh]

32 Things You Only See In Arizona: Towels around the handles of doors because metal and hundred degree heat = burn your hands.

LOL!  When I was a kid I ran around barefoot and these goat-heads were my worst enemies!

Little Girl Scream Activate

Goat Head Thorns- if you ever stepped on one of these you sure would remember it.these hurt so bad, and were very distinguishable from a regular "sticker".

32 Things You Only See In Arizona

32 Things You Only See In Arizona

32 Things You Only See In Arizona. Yes, all those donkey/burros that cross the

Extreme winter weather in Arizona. Nope, not going outside today.

Extreme Winter Weather in Arizona, ;) Oh no, looks like a cold snap.

33 Signs You’re From Arizona | Thought Catalog

33 Signs You’re From Arizona

It's Summer In Arizona#funny #lol #lolzonline

So true. I have gloves in my car for this reason. And a towel for those beautiful thunderstorms.

Hahaha so true for those of us who lived in Arizona!!:) hahahah I used to live in Arizona:)

Don't really care if it's a "dry heat." When it's 115 degrees, it's still HOT.