... Z has got a new wife.. yeeeayyy. Congratulations and Celebrations mr and mrs smith. Angelina jolie and brad pitt.. same,. what a couple!!!!! .. party party!!!! I am waiting to see it. It will be so much fun. Show the world your beautiful new wife.

Haha I'm an Aries my girl best friend is a Leo we're just gonna pretend that says Bestfriends instead of couple xD

Sure if the Leo isn't a big freaking baby with no respect and a big fat ego with a closed mind:)

Sure if the Leo isn't a big freaking baby with no respect and a big fat ego with a closed mind:)<<Excuse me but I'm not like that

Aries And Leo Compatibility :- Once in awhile, two compatible signs come together and this true with Aries Leo compatibility. These two fire signs are both passionate and highly energetic that they...

Aries and Aquarius Compatibility :- Aries people are sensitive and innocent people. They like making friends. They have good communicating skills too. They wish to conquer everything and they do conquer it with determination and confidence.

aries & leo

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Together an Aries and Leo can meet new challenge in life, and achieve more as a couple than they could separately.

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Im a Scorpio and i mean this isnt wrong.

Aries and Leo Compatibility: Two Peas in a Pod

Sexual Attraction - Leo And Sagittarius Compatibility:- Leo is fire and so is Sagittarius and being the same zodiac sign attraction among the two persons. - 3 Easy Techniques To Create Sexual Attraction…