Riverdale, is a new CW teen drama based on the Archie Comics.

Riverdale is Nothing Like Archie Comics and It's Okay

Archie 4 by Paul Renaud, Archie Comic Publications, Inc. https://www.pinterest.com/citygirlpideas/archie-comics/ *

archiecomics: “ Head over to The Mary Sue to see the amazing line-up of variant covers for ARCHIE This Paul Renaud cover is what comic books are all about!


When I've read about this comic I feel in love with their love! 'Cause it's an ARCHIE AND VERONICA'S LOVE! haha I think that my boy is so sweet like Archiekins ❤

46 Awesome Costumes For Every Hair Color

46 Awesome Costumes For Every Hair Color

Asserting Yourself from the sassiest illustration 'round, Veronica of Archie Comics' 'Betty & Veronica'