The Crafty Teacher: Two Spring Bulletin Boards

Here are two spring bulletin board ideas I thought I would share today. I put these up yesterday for the Kindergarten teacher that I work wi.

Would  be good if I can ever become an RA.  Have there be LIFE "tiles" that my residents can get whenever they accomplish something that can, at the end of the semester (like at the end of the game) be used to buy prizes and decide the ultimate winner.

SUMMER TERM hall theme: all things KC design: “Titanic at Union Station” purpose: inform summer residents of a nearby summer attraction improvements: the info needed to be about …

April bulletin board                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Title: Love Our Earth (April) Subject/Content: ScienceDescription: The students will learn about Earth Day and why it is so important. Then, the class will help decorate a bulletin board so the whole school can see.

April Showers Bulletin Board

To go with all of the awesome Spring crafts we made for our Spring Bulletin Board , we also had to have an "April Showers" bulletin board!