I don't cry... I don't cry... I... Cry... by MySweetPhotos on DeviantArt

The bully Kendall hits my books out of my hand and calls me a slut again. I break down and run to my locker and cry. He then walks up with my best friend." He asks.

Khi Ta La Ke Ngoc ~ Khi Ta Là Kẻ Ngốc - Page 4 - Diễn Đàn Kênh Truyện

Risultati immagini per anime character listening to music in the bed

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Sad Anime Girl, Black Hair Anime Girl, Crying Anime Girl, Anime Black And White…

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Katherine Winters: resurected after war, imprisoned to save the world from Apophis. I know I have a differen picture of her but this is her in the third book that I'm coming up with called "A Different Time" if you wish to learn more ask her any questions

Me when one of my best friend leaves (yani)

(Open RP need boy told in boys point of view)I was sitting in my bed when my…

Such a funny thing for me to try to explain how I am feeling in my pride is to much to say because I know I do really understand just how reality gets involved in our fantasies.

*talks softly* M-my eyes will shatter in tears, my life gets more stronger, my smile turns to sadness.

Everything is grey but the tears are blue and this really portrays a sense of such powerful sadness. It's a beautiful piece of art

I like the emotion and the gray colour, the blue tears rely shows this anime girl's sad emotions. I really like it:)♡