Angela Davis, Berlin, 1973 by Thomas Billhardt

Angela Davis, Berlin, 1973 by Thomas Billhardt

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GIRLBOSS ICONS: Iconic feminist, Angela Davis "You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world.

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Poster and Art Prints featuring the image of Angela Davis, the widely known Black Panther Party associate, educator and author. Angela Davis was born in Birming

Angela Davis, photographed by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders. Site seems defunct but. Retired from her professorship at the University of California, she has founded Critical Resistance, an organization working against the prison-business complex in the US.

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Political activist Angela Davis popularized larger-than-life hair when she proudly rocked her afro in the Her iconic 'fro inspired Black women everywhere to ditch their hair straighteners and go natural, sparking a revolution in Black beauty and style.

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