gorgeous framed American flag in contemporary dining room

15 American Flags Symbolizing One of Interior Design's Most Timeless Trends

Cool American Flag work made with toy soldiers

Made with army men painted red, white, and blue to form the American flag. By a young boy named Jacob for a school art project.

1776 Primitive American Flag Window by OldeStoneHome on Etsy

This window is a reclaimed barn window hand painted as a primitive 1776 American Flag with a distressed white painted frame.

The 4th of July is almost here! To celebrate we thought it would be fun to learn how to draw The American Flag. Not just any flag though, a 3D flag! If you don’t live in the US, that’s ok! The beginning of this tutorial will show you how to draw any flag blowing in …

How To Draw The American Flag - Art For Kids Hub -

This DIY planked American flag is perfect decor for 4th of July; its neutral, whitewashed look even works year round | maisondepax.com

DIY Planked American Flag

See this tutorial to make your own stunning DIY planked American flag. In neutral colors, this simple patriotic artwork can be used year round.