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Costa Rica Capuchin Monkeys Baby white-faced capuchin monkeys play in a Costa Rican rain forest. Unlike these familiar faces, the majority of rain forest species are yet to be named, formally.

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I know that cuddling giant eaters is a decidedly bad idea, but it's just so cute! Giant Anteater (Myrmecophaga tridactyla): Owns the runway! Photo via University of Michigan

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Red Eye Tree Frog~Young frogs are typically brown in color and turn greener as they mature, although adult frogs can change their color slightly depending on mood and environment. This one looks like he is posing for the photographer.

Ocelot (Felis / Leopardus Pardalis) Amazon Rainforest, Ecuador

Ocelot (Felis / Leopardus Pardalis) Amazon Rainforest, Ecuador

Take a trip to the Amazon Rainforest (I've literally been dreaming of this one since I was a kid!)

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Another amazing rainforest animal that I could base my final design on, beautiful colours and such a graceful bird!


Saphire-blue poison dart frog, uses brilliant color as a warning to other animals to stay away!

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I see a flying bird It looks like a few words Written high above the sky I see it when a bird fly Now my soul speaks to me And makes.