Tutorial: How to Take In Pants I'm probably never going to do this, but minds well pin it eh...

how to take in pants (thinner fabric than denim) and actually unstitch / restitch the waistband at the side seam.

Tutorial on how to get rid of the saggy butt on your jeans and make your booty look amazing in any jeans!

Part 2 - FinALly! a solution - Rian's tutorial for fixing baggy-butt, gaping-topped jeans!

This is the easiest way to fix this common issue: all you have to do is put your pants on inside out!

Ah, good old jeans! Everyone has their favorite pair and they go with just about anything. Dress 'em up, dress 'em down, jeans are a great staple for anyone to have in their closet.

C: Tailoring your trousers! This girl is so cute and has tons of great sewing tips.  I have a ton of clothes that are too big!

DIY: Crop regular pants into skinny trousers! My first sewing project, let's see how this goes.

How to take in a pair of pants at the waist.  For the McFrugals like me who manage to lose weight and don't want to spend money

diy: how to take in pants at the waist

diy: how to take in pants at the waist. IT IS AWESOME! Its nice to have nice dress pants that fit and I didnt have to spend a dime for new pants. Just spend a couple hours altering my current pants but so worth it!

Adventures in Alterations – J.Crew Foulard Café Capri

Adventures in Alterations – J.Crew Foulard Café Capri (Alterations Needed)

The nice thing about skinny, straight, and tapered legs: there are plenty of wide-leg, bootcuts, flares, to work with!  On-trend pants tapering via Refashion Co-op

Refashion Co-op: Pants Refashion January 2014 [Very helpful easy refashion of trousers]

Turn wide legs into cropped pants - this would be great for flared dress slacks that are too short now, just make them skinny and crop them!

Merricks Art: Wide Leg Trouser Refashion (Tutorial) ---- wide leg pant re-do (this site has tons of sewing re-dos)

Pant Waist - Having to constantly pull up your pants can be really annoying and embarrassing. Save yourself from the inconvenience and embarrassment by learning how to alter your too-big pants and jeans! To alter the waistline, all you need is to alter from the center back of the pants. You need to remove the belt loop first, then measure how much fabric you need to take out. Use pins to mark the point you want to be altered, then sew from there.

How To Alter Clothes That Are Big I Sewing Tips For Beginners