Alison her in all the movies I've seen of hers!

Lohman's next film was the drama Flicka, which was released on October At the age of Lohman played a girl who befriends a wild mustang in the film.

Alison Lohman - loved her in Matchstick Men  White Oleander

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White Oleander, such a good film.

Alison Lohman as Astrid Magnussen in a dramatic monologue for women in the film White Oleander, 2002 based on the novel by Janet Fitch

Alison Lohman Pictures: Alison Lohman Short Hairstyle

Who else goes wild over Alison Lohman's cute short side part hairstyle, she kinda reminds me of a woodland fairy with a retro pixie hairstyl.

Alison Lohman at event of White Oleander

The legendary Alison Lohman . In her first school year, Lohman was diagnosed with combined type attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and put on medicine for it, which she still uses as an adult.

Alison Lohman in "Big Fish" (2003). DIRECTOR: Tim Burton.

Alison Lohman in "Big Fish" (2003). DIRECTOR: Tim Burton.

Alison Lohman- Flicka Movie(1)

she had straights A's in all her school subjects, except in drama, because she was too shy

Alison Lohman Short Funky Hairstyle

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