AKMS I've fired these in the Mid-East. They are exceptionally reliable.and in my opinion the truest form of what should be considered a "Weapon of Mass Destruction"

gunrunnerhell: "Bare metal… A Chinese in Sudan. The finish is mostly worn down to the point of the bare metal underneath being exposed. In spite that, a lot of AK owners and collectors love that aged patina look.

Type 56 assault rifle is the Chinese variant of the Russian (photo by Papadakos bortner Denu). There's something about an all wood furniture AK with iron sights.

contemporary AK assault rifle with Vortex Optics Sparc and a Midwest Industries, Inc.

"In addition to two Bowie knives, Daniel carried a Kalashnikov, a handgun…

Larry Vickers new AK SBR–Inspired by the AK's he saw Aplha using during his trip to Russia.

Larry Vickers short-barreled rifle (SBR) in decked out with a sweet paint job. ----- I would love one of these new-age Kalash rifles, but damn that stupid weapons embargo between the U. and Russia!