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If you have specific disharmonies that you can identify, simply rub your ears in a soft, gentle manner for 1 minute. This soft gentle touch will move Qi and blood in the ear which is a micro system of our entire body

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Acupuncture Points Used for Migraine Headaches

According to an old Japanese legend, a father gave his son an extremely valuable knowledge that he has learnt from his own father. He revealed the secret about a point which can lead to longevity,[...]

Zu San Li Point “THE POINT OF A HUNDRED DISEASES” Regulates and boosts the immune system; Prevents inflammation Glucose and insulin regulation Boosts digestion Treat gastrointestinal diseases Alleviates stroke side effects

El punto Ling Gu: Alivio instantáneo de la ciatica

Il punto Ling Gu: un sollievo istantaneo dalla sciatica - Vivere più sani

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