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Music Festival Lookbook from REVOLVE Clothing

Year: 1973 Model(s): * Photographer: * Designer(s): * __________ Additional Information from Flickr: 1973 by retro-space on Flickr. —PLEASE DO NOT EDIT THIS TEXT—

My friend Ann and I had very similar outfits in Stretchy nylon tops and crimplene skirts.worn with coloured pop socks. A symphony in static!

Bell bottoms and halter tops. What could be better for summer? Why a few hippie beads from

Outfitted: 70's Summertime

Throughout the black community bell bottoms and halter tops became the new trend. They expressed themselves through the size of their hair. While people made fun of how their hair look, they embraced their style.

Waiting For The Sun Bells - ultimate high waisted flares from Stoned Immaculate                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Waiting For The Sun Bells in Filmore

Vintage lifestyle: Let's fall in love with this vintage fashion ideas that will make you feel like you're in the 80's.

Vintage Home Design Ideas to Steal From Your Grandma’s Decor

Everyone at ASOS is wearing: new-season ankle boots

Everyone at ASOS is wearing: new-season ankle boots

Embrace the It Girl Look with our Fave Boho-Brand Arnhem

Embrace the It Girl Look with our Fave Boho-Brand Arnhem

Patchwork / Fashion By We Wore What

Ecstasy Models

Graphic Tee + Flares                                                                             Source

From San Francisco To Miami, 60 Trending Fall Outfits Perfect For September

Graphic Tee Flares Source - here is where you can find that Perfect Gift for Friends and Family Members

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I'm writing a book on wattpad called 'to end this winter' and I'd really appreciate any support/ feedback you guys would have!

Not tall enough to pull this off but I adore this outfit and the models styling.

That 70's Inspo

From time to time we get completely overtaken by a trend crush that goes deep into our bones and influences every wardrobe purchase we make. Currently, it is all about those classic looks of the seventies + muted seasonal tones.