Smith & Wesson BodyGuard 380 Red Blaze Edition 380 ACP Pistol, Laser BGRED

along with a 357 Ruger :) adding to the collection ladies ♡♥♡♥ Ashley

Smith & Wesson 380 Bodyguard. This is the latest in the class of .380 ACP semi-auto “pocket pistols”. It comes with an integrated laser, and the barrel has a safety feature. It's lightweight & easy for any female to use. (Men like this gun as well -less bulk)

My Weapon of choice!Smith and Wesson 380 bodyguard with laser insight. That's my gun. I'm going to have more fun playing with the laser than actually shooting it.

Walther .380 ACP limited edition.  I own one similar to this. Too pretty to shoot. Maybe one day Barrett and i will take it to the range

Would like to own one like this, but probably wouldn't be one of my teaching guns.

Walther PK380. Light weight gun with easy to manipulate slide. Great for new shooters and female shooters

Walther Light weight gun with easy to manipulate slide. Great for new shooters and female shooters. HELL YES IT IS!

Beretta 84FS Cheetah  .380 ACP 13 round capacity 3.8″ nickel chromium-molybdenum steel barrel Chromed bore Double/single action

This is another nice smaller gun. I love the styling of the Beretta pistols more than any other guns. (I'm a design fan, whether logos, cars or guns.) Here's the Beretta Cheetah ACP, with Wood Grips in Nickel Finish.

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Brand new Sig Sauer P238 PSP 380 ACP with purple pvd coated slides. P238 comes with pearl grips and One 6 round magazine. $599 Follow @omahaoutdoors if you haven’t done so already. Ready to ship to...

My new carry gun: Sig Sauer PSP ACP with purple PVD coated slide, purple pearl grips, and rainbow Ti slide catch, safety, and magazine release. SigLITE sights and magazine extender. Sometimes you just wanna carry like a pimp.

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Ruger LCP LaserMax Laser Tiffany Blue Black Edition 380 ACP 6 RDS 2.75″ Handgun - Omaha Outdoors

Order this Ruger Pro from Omaha Outdoors and give your wife or girlfriend a concealed carry pistol she will want to carry.

Sig Sauer P238 TALO Army Green .380 ACP #CCW [New in Box] $599.99 | MMP Guns

I think the color accent stuff is growing on me. Again, another Sig.

Beretta Cheetah .380 ACP Loading that magazine is a pain! Excellent loader available for your handgun Get your Magazine speedloader today!

The Serie 80 concealed carry and personal defense handguns are available in and ACP, offering premium Beretta reliability, durability and ease of use.