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Ensaio Colaborativo Flamingo Tropical

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This game would be fun and pretty cheap get like 2 bottles, soda, vinegar, water

Battle Ship Beer Pong! http://www.deal-shop.com/product/leachco-snoogle-total-body-pillow-ivory/

14 Ways To Step Up Your Day Drinking This Summer

Battleship pong is a fun and interactive drinking game for you and your friends. You though regular beer pong was hard, now the cups are moving targets!

And scatter glitter balloons all over the dang place. | 23 Badass Ideas For A Grown-Up Slumber Party

And scatter glitter balloons all over the dang place.

These glitter balloons could provide a sparkling sky for them to fall asleep to. Sparkly nails, sparkly balloons, I'm sensing a sparkly theme party going to happen ;


How to Host the Perfect Adult Slumber Party

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Gold Twist Birthday Candles

Gold Twist Birthday Candles