The one who is happy is noticed, not criticized, not envied, not judged

No es el amor..

It's not the love that sustains a relationship. Mode of relating is what sustains the love.

jajajja.. ay!!! que alivio... mi hijo se rio en la manana que me cai............

WITH PaoLa — estopalwasap: Te das cuenta que eres viejo.

Una mujer, puede ser tan inteligente como la retes, tan mujer como la trates, tan niña como la consientas, y tan sensual como la provoques....

people keep pinning these Spanish quotes that are supposed to be meaniful and I'm just sitting here like WHAT EVEN

Amor verdadero... gracias a Dios q me permite disfrutarlo todos los dias! (menos el café porque no me gusta)

gracias a Dios que me está dando un poco de cada cosa a diario.


Trans:" I like being a woman, even in a man's world. After all, they don't know how to wear dresses, and we know how to wear trousers".

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