Crepes with Chocolate & Coffee.

A Perfect Morning. Coffee, crepes, and chocolate. Serve them in a stack like this to share with the whole table.

Staff Meals Series. Photo by Luisa Brimble

Spaghetti with mussels, hands in frame, sunlight streaming in. Photo by Luisa Brimble

Summer Stone Fruit | Tea Cup Tea

Roasted Summer Stone Fruit and Ricotta Toasts from Tea Cup Tea

Superfood Lattes


Healthy and delicious superfood lattes with 3 recipes turmeric vanilla spice raw cacao and goji berry matcha and maca with tahini

Fall means apples, and apples means cider and donuts. Cities and town all throughout Missouri kick off the fall season with festivals celebrating the apple harvest. Come enjoy one of the Midwest"s greatest fall traditions.

grilled cheese sandwiches with sage and apple-cranberry chutney

Enjoy this Tillamook grilled cheese sandwich recipe that’s tasty and easy to make. Homemade apple-cranberry chutney makes it extra special and delicious.

A Modern + Artisanal Inspired Tabletop

bringing back the napkin ring! simple artisanal inspired tabletop with modern chairs and rustic wood table