Fox ADHD Gifs on Behance

A series of very short animations, primarily about dog theft, created for Fox ADHD as a guest gif artist.

Fox ADHD Gifs on Behance

Fox ADHD Gifs by Olivia Huynh - Love the colours + style!

I'm a sucker for this sort of illustration.

richters: Party by Oamul Lu (Draw me after You; Let us run!)

Fox ADHD Gifs on Behance

foxadhd: An everyday struggle with envy by new guest gif artist Oliviawhen My first gif for Fox Animation Domination Hi-Def!


Rob Sheridan: "Hypnotic geometric GIFs created by scientist David Whyte.

animated GIF

I like the way this GIF appears to be coming towards you. I haven't come across many GIF's or animations that are of a character being forwards. The use of black and white indicates shadow and light very well.


It's Friday Y'all