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Not only would I use this to help me keep track of Mom things (ahem. grocery list), but the cord organizer is definitely an added bonus, especially for travel.

Copper | 銅 | Cobre | медь | Cuivre | Rame | Dō | Metal | Mettalic | Colour | Texture | Pattern | Style | Form |

DIY inspiration: copper magazine tidy from anthropologie uk. Fake it with spraypaint or buy copper sheets from an art supply store

Skinnydip London USB iPhone 5 Cable

Let's be honest-- a dead phone is pretty much a minor tragedy. Skip the heartache with Skinnydip London's USB iPhone 5 Cable. Features gold casings and black/white cording. By Skinnydip London.

Objekten collection

Unobtrusive and easily mounted, the Leaning Wall Pocket, a simple but sturdy storage pouch, is made in Belgium from plywood and comes in 12 different colors of felt

HAY Computer Brush

Tech Gift Ideas for the Modern Design Lover

2014 Gift Guide: Tech Lover in technology main home furnishings Category

Hängeschränke - SET Wandpaneel *mairaum* DUNKELGRAU + SAND/ROT - ein Designerstück von mairaum bei DaWanda

SET Wandpaneel *mairaum* DUNKELGRAU + SAND/ROT

Hängeschränke - SET Wandpaneel *mairaum* DUNKELGRAU + SAND/ROT Designerstück DaWanda My German isn't so hot, but I'm pretty sure this ^^ translates to "awesome idea to hang your stuff up out of the way (I know it's a hanging schrank)

Action Pad on Creatives Outfitter

fits right into regular binders! Action Pad on Creatives Outfitter