Castillo de Coca, Segovia, España- Amazingly beautiful castle- what girl doesn't want to see a real castle

Castillo de Coca towers, Segovia, Spain Stock Photo Yes!

Horreos. Combarro. Galicia | J. A. Alcaide | Spain

Combarro is a village in Galicia, Spain with numerous horreos and picturesque shops. It’s a great place to daydream about for many reasons, but for wine lovers there is an abundance of Albariño.

Una belleza de Lisboa. ¿Te gustaría visitarla?

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Portugal - Lisboa, Torre de Belém Photo by António Sacchetti-->Been there :) My country, this place is really beautiful. If you ever come to Portugal then you must visit it :)

Burgos - Monasterio de las Huelgas #CastillayLeon #Spain

Burgos - Monasterio de las Huelgas Eleanor of Castile and King Edward I of England married here