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the ghost of gosswater by lucy strange is shown in this book cover art
The Ghost of Gosswater
The Ghost of Gosswater Author: Lucy Strange
an illustration of a woman in the woods holding a lantern above her head and looking at trees
an illustrated book cover for the tale of russian folklore
Lilla Bölecz - Russian Folklore Book Cover
a book cover with an image of two people hugging in front of fireworks and the title, how's moving castle?
Howl's Moving Castle Book Cover
the cover of an illustrated book with birds, cages and people in silhouettes on it
Halloween Reading: Definitive Guide to Recent Horror Books
the poster for stuck on a sunday shows a man standing in front of a creepy house
the book cover for the prisoner in the oak
The prisonner in the oak by Marion Zimmer Bradley
the hedge witch of fox hall by anna brightt, illustrated by mark brown
The Hedgewitch of Foxhall
the dictionary of lost words by pip williams, with an image of flowers on it
Chefs' Selections: Best Books Read and Favorite Cultural Creations During 2022, Part 1 - The Scholarly Kitchen
the cover of in the night wood by dale bailey, with an image of a house and
En el bosque oscuro, de Dale Bailey | Windumanoth