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a painting of a windmill and boats in the water
Jacob van Ruisdael The Windmill At Wijk Bij Duurstede c.1670
a painting of people standing in the snow near a windmill
Lodewijk Johannes Kleijn | Schilderijen vh. te Koop | Winterlandschap met ijsvissers
a painting of people and dogs in the snow
a painting of people skating on a frozen pond in the winter with a church in the background
a painting of clouds over a field with people walking on the road in the distance
Maestros del paisaje: Jacob Ruysdael
a painting of people playing in the snow
A Winter Landscape with Skaters on a Frozen Canal by Sebastiaen Vrancx
a painting of a winter scene with a castle in the background
koekkoek, willem - Figures on a Frozen Canal, Naarden in the background
a painting of boats in the water next to buildings and people walking on snow covered ground
a painting of a winter scene with people walking in the snow and two buildings on either side
Rob van Assen
Rob van Assen - Herberg
a painting of people in the snow near a house
Winter Scene by Jan Beerstraten
jan beerstraten winter-scene-
a painting of people walking down a snowy street
Willem Koekkoek (Holland)