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Spanish; Line Infantry Sapper

Line Infantry Sapper

Cording. Not CWE, but the cording is the same idea.

another vivandier or cantienier.

In the Swan's Shadow: Vivandieres - a short overview

Before the Civil War, there were vivandieres. The role of the vivandiere reaches back to France, in the Imperial Army and became a fixtur.

French; 2nd Hussars Cantiniere 1854

qsy-complains-a-lot: “ French Hussar regiment Vivandiere - Crimean war. Vivandière or Cantinière were women in the military attached to regiments to provide wine, tobacco, paper, ink and.

Crimean War, 1855.    Usually the wives of non-commissioned officers, Cantinières (women supplying food and drink to soldiers), played an important role in the support of French regiments, running canteens and providing additional rations such as brandy to the soldiers.  They were the inspiration for Clara Barton and the Red Cross.

A French cantinière attached to a Zouave regiment during the Crimean War, 1855 - photo by Roger Fenton [[MORE]] namraka: Another pic. Cantinière is a French name for women attached to military.