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an architectural diagram showing the various parts of a structure that are connected to each other
Maitenance | HIC
Ursicino Endaman Nsé > Centro de investigación y recuperación de especies amenazadas en Guinea Ecuatorial
a man standing next to a pile of wooden pallets
Muro de Contención. Estadio Club Atlético Peñarol
an empty parking lot at night with no one on the ground or in front of it
Paulo Mendes da Rocha - Brazilian museum of sculpture, São Paulo 2005.
an image of the outside of a building that is very close to the street light
a microwave oven sitting on top of a counter next to a box with the door open
LRT & Asoc
a whiteboard with drawings on it in front of a drawing board and some papers
LRT & Asoc
an aerial view of a building in black and white
LRT & Asoc
black and white photographs of different rooms with chandeliers on the ceiling, windows in the hallway, and closet doors
LRT & Asoc
there are three different pictures in the same room, each with an oval mirror and bookshelf
LRT & Asoc
an aerial view of a soccer stadium at night
Estadio Club Atlético Peñarol
black and white photograph of an old building with shutters on the windows, looking out onto the street
Proyecto estacionamiento calle Florida.Reciclaje
two hands making a heart shape with the word up written on it in front of them
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the logo for arg, luis rodriquez tellao & asoc