Estadio Club Atlético Peñarol

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an aerial view of a soccer stadium with green grass and white stands on the ground
Estadio Campeón del Siglo
a construction site with cranes and workers working on the top of it's structure
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an empty bleacher at a stadium with the sky in the backgroud
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Plateas Estadio Peñarol
rows of empty seats in the stands at a soccer stadium with construction workers on the sidelines
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Visita a obra , colocación de butacas.
an aerial view of a soccer stadium with green grass on the field and white stands
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Estadio Club Atlético Peñarol.
an aerial view of a stadium being built
some construction cranes are in the background behind a building
Estadio Club Atlético Peñarol
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an artist's rendering of a soccer stadium
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an aerial view of a baseball stadium in the middle of a field with trees around it
Avance de obra del Estadio Club Atlético Peñarol
Vista Aérea 15.7.2015 Estadio Club Atlético Peñarol
the underside of a bridge with metal bars
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Gradas. Estadio Club Atletico Peñarol
an empty soccer field is seen through glass
rows of yellow plastic chairs in an empty stadium or sports arena, with the seats facing away from the camera
Butacas Estadio Peñarol
the side of a building that is made out of concrete and has wavy lines on it
a black and white photo of an overpass
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FOTOS EXTERIORES CAP Estadio Club Atlético Peñarol