Detalles constructivos

Terminaciones, encuentros y definiciones estructurales en la construcción.
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a close up view of the corner of a metal structure with ropes attached to it
Tensile Architecture end-to-end design build services without borders
Whitten Football Oval - Modular Gateway Facade | Ronstan Tensile Architecture
an architectural drawing of the side of a building with multiple balconies on each floor
E2A > Escherpark. Apartment Buildings, Zürich | HIC
Escher Park by E2A
an architectural drawing showing the details of a building
Jobbar med byggprojekt som har solavskärmningar och garageportar inskrivna i bygghandlingarna.
two men are standing on the roof of a building that is being built with metal beams
LRT & Asoc
Obra Policlinica La Asistencial
a large concrete structure sitting on top of a parking lot
Paulo Mendes da Rocha & João De Gennaro, Ginásio do Clube Atlético Paulista, São Paulo, 1958
there are many metal bars attached to the side of a building that is under construction
LRT & Asoc
a man in an orange safety suit working on a piece of wood with a grinder
LRT & Asoc
CLUB ATLÉTICO PEÑAROL premoldeados tribunas.
an image of the outside of a building that is very close to the street light
Security Check Required