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This is a reading activity for beginners. The challenge is guessing who is who in a building reading their descriptions. The second part is to describe three.

Question Formation Boardgame

Use the question word or the large word and form questions. Choose one of the helping verbs or the pronouns. Proceed only if the sentence is correct otherwise try again. Thanks to PhilipR for the template.

Para jugar con Laila Más

Teach Your Child to Read - Funny Miss Valérie: Question Words - Give Your Child a Head Start, and.Pave the Way for a Bright, Successful Future.

Students need lots of practice to build their speaking confidence. Give them a chance to do so in a way that they will find engaging and fun.

Speaking and listening are key strands of most language arts classes, but they are often the most overlooked. These task cards provide teachers with a quick and easy way to allow their students to practice these all important skills. The Task cards:

Flor de loto

The Lotus flower is a symbol commonly featured in eastern cultures, such as Egyptian, Buddhism, and Hinduism. The Lotus is a flower that grows in mud and blooms each morning fresh and clean as though it had never been in the mud at all.